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When should I arrive?

Our doors open 10–15 minutes before each class starts. If you are running late, don’t worry; the side door of the Paper Lantern Room should be unlocked for you (knock gently if it isn’t), and the Gold Circle Room is always unlocked during class. There are room usage schedules posted by both rooms so you can find your class. If you do need to enter late, please wait quietly by the door until the class begins to move.

Where should I park? Rack my bike?

You’ll find bike racks near the base of our steps, by the Tandem Restaurant patio, and there’s a bike corral across Weaver Street, in front of the Beehive. For more, visit our location and parking page.

What should I bring?

We have mats for you to borrow (these are fully cleaned once a week) and all the props you might need. Feel free to bring your own yoga mat, if you like.

What should I wear?

Something comfortable that lets you move around freely and that doesn’t bunch up around your face if you expect to get upside down. We have multistall bathrooms across the hall if you’re coming right from work. There are cubbies in each room for your belongings.

Is your studio hot?

No. We offer room temperature yoga and, in classes where it’s appropriate (Flow Yoga, Intermediate Expansion, Advanced Practice), guide you to build internal heat. In Sanskrit, we call this internal heat tapas—it’s different from the Spanish meaning!

How should I register?

We love for you to sign up online, which saves both you and us time. If something happens and you don’t show up, we don’t charge you! Signing up online will make for a quick check-in (just say your name), and will save your spot. You can also walk in and buy classes in person, of course, and our smiling desk staff is in place before bigger classes.

Can I have a taste before buying a class pass?

Yes, locals get their first class free! We’ll take care of this at the front desk—just walk on in.

Should I eat before class?

Not too much! There are many fantastic local eateries in walking distance to enjoy after class.

Can I bring my kids?

Kids 13 and up are welcome in our adult classes. For younger kids, 10–12, please discuss with the teacher; if kid, teacher, and parent are on board and there’s an adult taking class with the child, they are welcome. Check out our kids’ yoga offerings, too.

If I sign up online and can’t make it, what should I do?

If you’re near a computer (obviously, you are right now!), click Manage My Schedule (also in the left-hand menu of every page). You can cancel from there. If you find yourself away from the computer and can’t make it, don’t worry; when you don’t show up, your unused class reverts to your account.

Do you offer work-trade?

Yes, we do. We ask for a one-year minimum commitment and offer both desk and cleaning crew duties. Write us for details.

I’m a teacher. Are you hiring?

We have a big, wonderful staff in place already. When we do hire, we like to choose from among the folks who have been practicing at the studio regularly, as they understand the studio culture and student needs. We definitely extend our $12 student/teacher rate to yoga teachers! We also offer work-study options that give folks a good grounding in our studio procedures, which is a prerequisite for teaching here. Write us for details.